Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Checklist

I am going over and over our home study checklist, working to make sure I have done all that I can do at this time. It's a little overwhelming, but as long as I keep taking notes we should wrap this up fairly quickly. I am hoping to be finished with my part of the paperwork in two weeks, for sure. Mainly trying to get forms filled out by doctors, tax stuff, and a few other odds and ends together. The major stuff - fingerprints, etc - is all turned in and we now wait for the government to do their part.

We will attend UAB's international adoption seminar next weekend. That should be very educational and enjoyable.

I'll keep you posted! Thanks for following our journey!


  1. praying it moves along quickly,she is so beautiful. I am going to donate just don't have my wallet here so this afternoon I take care of that:). We went to PCB this past August and the kids had so much fun (We live in louisiana)

  2. I'm so happy that I found your blog! I'm Rose's prayer warrior. I have been praying for her to find a family every day for weeks. My entire family was ecstatic to see her on MFFM. I'll continue to pray for your family throughout her adoption journey. I'll also be putting a plug out for your Florida giveaway : )
    I look forward to following along on your blog!