Saturday, May 31, 2014

DS-260 Filed!

I was able to sign in and complete the DS-260 this morning. I was frazzled, since I had no idea HOW to fill in the blanks, but a friend responded to my cries for help and sent me a 'how-to' file from her agency. I did my best!

Hopefully, the US visa people will be forgiving if I made any mistakes. I sent a copy of the receipt to our agency and hopefully they can do damage control if anything was incorrect. Ha!

Some people say that the next step (receiving Article 5) goes pretty fast. Typical timing is 2 to 3 weeks. Then, you get your official meeting date! How exciting!

Paul and I are keeping busy with the boys while we wait for this next step.

Who wants to place bets for THE DATE??

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Good news!!

I sent an email to our Hague caseworker this morning, to check and see if she received our paperwork and to check our status. 

And goodness gracious... We received approval on the 23rd!!! That's 10 days from receipt! Awesome!!

We are all on cloud 9. It's amazing. It won't be long now!!

Thank you, Jesus!

Kristi - I'm blown away! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ants in my Pants

I'm just so excited!

Our I-800 receipt date was May 13. Praying for a super fast approval - specifically by the end of the month.

It might actually happen.

Which might put our encuentro (meeting) date at late June or early July!

I am staying pretty busy - feels like nesting!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

So Blessed

Our paperwork made it yesterday morning. It's a funny story, actually. I got a phone call from a random number, and decided to answer it - which was great. It was our MAIL CARRIER. He said he had a package for us and wanted to know it I wanted him to bring it or wait until our normal delivery.



 He came on over with it and within a minute, Paul and I were looking at a stack of her precious pictures. They are so sweet. I have a photo that looks like it must have been shortly after her heart surgery. She is on oxygen and has a nasal cannula. She looks about 3 months old. Tiny! I have a variety of infant and toddler photos. I have pictures from her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd birthdays! Each one shows her sitting with a large cake in front of her. I am unsure how recent my most recent photo of her is... maybe last fall? She was moved in October to another 'home' and I am thinking that all my pictures were at least that old.

However, I do have recent measurements. She is a peanut - just 38 inches and 35 pounds. She is nearly the exact same size as Christopher. That's really ironic, since I have always felt that they would be very similar in size. He is 40 inches and 30 pounds! It's perfect for what I am planning on taking with us. I had planned on taking 4ts. She might have difficulty keeping pants up, just like Christopher! I know that I usually have to stitch an inch or two in his waistbands. So, I am well-training in small sewing jobs. I'm planning on taking a travel sewing kit just for this purpose.

We immediately signed the acceptance letter and scanned it to our agency. I worked on the I-800 and it was overnighted to Texas last night. Typical timing for this document is 4 weeks, but it could go faster! I'll keep you posted.

My brain is mush now. I scheduled Christopher's 5th birthday party for the same night as a concert Paul and I have been planning on going to for months. Now I have to figure out what to do...

Adoption brain. Please pray I can remember the REALLY important things. LOL.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Referral on its way!

Tracking says it's on its way. So, it's nearly 6am and I am up and ready! It would be great if it came before PV and C go to school, so they could see the pictures. 

Yesterday at mass, I had all sorts of wonderful, blog-worthy thoughts. Right now, all of those beautiful thoughts are a jumble as I sit and wait. 

I would like to share a quote from Rev. Fulton J Sheen as a belated mother's day thought.

"A woman is capable of more sacrifices than a man. Man is more apt to be a hero, through some great passionate outburst of heroism. But a woman's love makes a thousand small sacrifices, sprinkling them through the days and the months; their very repetition gives them the character of the commonplace. Not only her soul, but her body, has some share in the Calvary of Redemption; furthermore, she comes closer to death than man, whenever she brings forth a child." Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, (Life is Worth Living)

I really love this quote. Our daily tasks lead us to Christ... it's not a awesome event that makes mothers heroic, but a lifetime of giving and sacrificing. 

Happy Mother's Day. 

I'll get back with you later today and share a detail or two on my sweet girl!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Should I Even Be Surprised? ***UPDATE***

Well. No translations.

They are currently sitting in customs in Cincinnati. Why? I have been told that it has NEVER happened to anyone's adoption documents. (Shocker!) Our packet contains about 50 photos (that's wonderful) and perhaps that is why it was 'flagged' and sent to the customs office. I kinda chuckle at the thought that someone would send something *illegal* disguised as adoption paperwork. I guess it could happen... coming from her country. Hahaha.

So - I cried and I laughed at the INSANITY of it all.

I guess it will be another week. Another test of patience and another week down the drain.

Time for a glass of wine. Cheers!


Sometime around 1am they RELEASED it from customs and it's on it's way to the agency!!! Praise God! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Let's Move Some Mountains!

This week we are anxiously awaiting those lovely translations. I have been told (not really promised, but almost) that they should be here on Wednesday. Is it Wednesday yet?

As soon as... and I mean as soon as... they come, I will send our acceptance letter to our agency and fill out all the blanks on the I800 form. Then, I will go fast as possible to the FedEx to send that off to the USCIS.

The USCIS should receive them the next day and hopefully I will get my lovely lockbox email the following day. I love email notification. My only question is, why can't they provide that lovely service for all USCIS steps? It would be easier for the adoptive families and for the USCIS case workers that are forever answering the annoying status inquiry emails from adopting families. Anyway...

I have been told that recent USCIS timelines for the I800 vary from 2 weeks (WOW) to 4 weeks. We can pray for 2 and realize that it will likely be 4.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Brushing Up

I'm starting to go over some of those very important things we learned as part of our adoption education. I found a great blog that goes over some key points. I thought I would post the link for inquiring minds.

Attachment and Bonding