Sunday, March 30, 2014

Birthday Girl

Today is my precious girl's birthday. I am going to try and keep my chin up. Pouting cannot change anything. I have a stack of gifts waiting for her when the day comes. Until then, my thoughts and prayers will have to be enough. She's turning six. It's been nearly two years of fighting to bring her home. I know it's not likely that I will ever get to fully explain to her how hard I have fought to bring her home, but hopefully her guardian angel is whispering sweet things to her, preparing the way for her heart to be open to the love of her forever family! 

Happy Birthday Sweet Rose!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's out of my hands

I was so happy to send off our paperwork to USCIS. It feels GREAT to have it out of my hands and someone else's responsibility. Of course, this doesn't stop my mind from racing and trying to stalk I-800a timelines of other adopting families. I know that I will wait very impatiently for an email letting me know that our paperwork has entered the 'lockbox'. Hoping that we will see movement with that this week.

Another thing I just have to mention - I need help with something. I cannot shake the feeling of bad things coming. Could you pray that I could have a renewed sense of peace regarding this process? I am having difficulty feeling good about this, since we have had so many bad days in the past. It's terrible to be trying to stay focused on God and His will, while having this nagging feeling.

Thank you.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

As Usual

As usual, everything takes longer than you think it will. Ha!

As of today, our home study update is complete. Thank you, Jesus!!!

If you can join me in prayer that we can get a super speedy USCIS officer who is moved by the Holy Spirit to complete our paperwork as soon as humanly possible, that would be fantastic.

I will overnight it and continue to keep you posted as I get details.

So far, no new news from her country... which is fantastic. I know that sounds odd, but we REALLY need USCIS approval prior to hearing anything else. Weird, huh?

There is one more thing that is so very important to me...

I need to say THANK YOU.

Someone out there in the world has felt called to help us when we finally travel. Our FSP funds are specifically for travel and fees. This includes paying for flights to her country, paying for two months of accommodations - which will most likely be an apartment, paying for our meals (which I hear is pricey in her area), agency fees and paying for flights back home. So these donations are certainly appreciated and I see them as a gift for our daughter. Especially since...

Rose turns six years old at the end of the month.


That's six years without a mommy and daddy. That's two years since we saw that precious face and fell in love.

So, THANK YOU to the people who have felt called to help us on this journey. We look forward to the day when we can tell her how very loved she is!