Thursday, February 27, 2014

Baby Steps

We are **this close** to finishing up our home study update!! Super hopeful it can be ready by TOMORROW so that we can overnight the I800a and have it submitted early next week. I'm pretty sure it takes about two weeks to get a biometrics appointment after it's submitted.

Overall, I think it could take 8 weeks for USCIS approval... so maybe by the end of April...

I have turned in our FBI fingerprints and gotten Paul's updated employment letter. Only thing I need to do now is get the updated physician's letters. Once I have our FBI report, I need to get apostilles.

So... Baby Steps!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Home Study and Stuff

I am going down my list of to-dos and there are quite a bit of things that we need to get finished with FAST.

We have to finish up our home study update. We have our second home visit (of the required two) tomorrow evening. I am hoping that we can wrap up this in the coming week. **please pray**

It would be FANTASTIC if we could get our I-800A out the door as well. We have to have a complete copy of the homestudy for this to happen. **please pray**

Typically, you get a fingerprint date (for the I-800A) in 2-3 weeks from submission. Sometimes the people there will let you squeeze in before you are actually scheduled. **please pray**

When we completed our last I-800A, the lady who handled our case (Brenda, I think?) was fantastic and fast. I hope that we get her - or someone equally nice and efficient! **please pray**

We may or may not be able to get Rose's referral until AFTER this is all complete. That means, we might have to wait another 2 months to get all her information and officially be matched with her. I am hoping that they will have mercy on us and we will get this information sooner, rather than later. **please pray**

While this is happening, I must get our regular FBI fingerprints updated (takes up to 8 weeks), our medicals updated (less than a week) and Paul's employment letter updated (less than a week). After these things are completed, they must also be apostilled, in Montgomery. This can be done in the same day. All of these documents must be current (less than 6 mo old) at the time of travel. No big deal, I have done this 5-6 times in two years. I am getting to be a pro. Ha!

Where does this leave us? Honestly, I have my secret hopeful timeline that NEVER EVER WORKS OUT. So, I have learned to "Let It Go" and let God work on that without my help. As a dear Colombian Mommy friend recently reminded me... "the big hurdle is behind you. The rest are just details. She IS your girl! Focus on that and the rest will come together."

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! They have meant so much to us as we have traveled this path and continue - from today until the day we hug our precious girl!

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's a really good day.

Today we were made aware that the documents have been received and the appeal was successful. The national level has revoked the region's denial of our match with Rose.

I have to tell you a very awesome story that goes along with this.

On January 23rd, I was having a very rough day. We had been waiting SO long and I was definitely feeling like all hope was lost. I felt abandoned, depressed and stuck in a hold pattern. I reached out to my fellow adoption mommies and told them that I really considered throwing in the towel. I wrote our agency an email (probably pitching a mini-fit) and got a phone call from her soon after. She calmed my fears, told me that we are not only fighting for our daughter, but for all of the other children with special needs in her country. I felt SO much better and asked God for the the strength to carry on.

On January 23rd, in her country, they made their final decision.

While I was feeling this great turmoil, God was moving mountains.


We now wait for the official referral. We know it could take a few weeks to get this information, but it works out well, since we have some things to get together here to complete our home study update and re-do our I800a.

It's a wonderful day. I cannot wait to tell my boys who have been waiting so long for this news. They cannot wait to meet their sister!

Friday, February 7, 2014


We have been told that they have MADE THEIR DECISION. Thank you Jesus!!! We are waiting for the answer in writing. I will allert the world as soon as we hear. 

Please know how much we appreciate your prayer. 

Praise God!