Friday, September 21, 2012

Join Rose's Racers!

Rose's Racers!


Our Family invites you to become a team member of Rose's Racers to support individuals with Down syndrome here in Alabama! 
 Come and walk with us on Sunday, October 14th at Regions Park from 2-4pm for the 13th Annual Buddy Walk hosted by Parent Advocates Down Syndrome 
(PADS).  You’ll be uniting with our family and friends along with hundreds of others to bring awareness and acceptance of and advocacy for individuals with 
Down syndrome.  
If you’re interested in becoming a part of Rose's Racers or would like more information, please contact us! 

A $10 Registration is due by October 8th to add your name to the Team Roster and receive your Buddy Walk wristband, which is your entry ticket to the 
Buddy Walk. Commemorative t-shirts are available for $5. Please consider making an additional donation, introduce us to a Corporate Sponsor or recruit 
others you know to join the walk. This will help us reach our goal to significantly support the programs PADS offers and the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic at 
UAB. We hope you’ll join Rose's Racers! 
You can learn more about PADS by visiting their website at  Hope to hear from you soon! 

We will also be advocating for Reece's Rainbow at the Buddy Walk. You can learn more about Reece's Rainbow at 

Please forward to all who might be interested in joining us... Next year Rose will be racing with us!!!

Thank you and God Bless!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh my! Thank you!

I woke up to such a gift today! A jump in our FSP! THANK YOU!

Yesterday a little girl showed up on the 'newly listed children'.

Meet two-yr-old "Monet"

Say a little prayer for this sweet girl. She has had a very tough beginning. I am praying her family finds her SOON! She needs a loving momma.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good News!

Our home study was approved by Rose's listing agency on Monday!!! Now, I wait for a copy to send off with our next set of paperwork to get US government approval to adopt from a Hague country. Once that goes out all we need to do is gather the other paperwork for our dossier. More doctors assessments, fingerprints, etc etc etc! But, now that we have been approved by her agency, we have a green light to get this done! Then it will be up to her country to approve us. Nervous? Yes.