Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Counting the Days

Days since...

We sent a LOI to Colombia: 500

Our dossier was received: 289

Our first addendum was requested: 249

A second addendum was requested: 174

Approved at National level: 99

Denied by Region: 55

Saturday, September 21, 2013


You guys KNOW that I don't like the idea of fundraising.

BUT... What if you get something super cute in return for your donation???

Like - maybe a t-shirt??

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To place your order, please comment here that you are ordering AND email me at KatieBruno1 (at) with your order details... sizes, etc... I will contact you on payment options and place the order on October 18th!!! Plenty of time to get your order together and get the t-shirt for CHRISTMAS! 


Paperwork on the move...

Our dossier has been transferred back to the National level... It's been there about a week or so. How much longer until we hear more news?? GREAT question. We have learned that there is absolutely no way to tell. Could be sometime in the next week - or the next month. What will come of this move?

a) National level overrides Regional decision. Ta-da!
b) National level transfers her paperwork to another region... more waiting??
c) We are given the option to accept another child's referral. Sad, but true. I know that this will be VERY difficult. However, we have always known that God is the ultimate match-maker and only He knows the child that will be best for our family - or the child that needs a home the most. I am PRAYING it's Rose, but I know that everything will work out in the end.

Please pray God's will be done.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Feeling, well... rejected.

This past week we didn't get any new information regarding our case. I have, however, come to the realization that we were denied our match with Rose. Our agency is appealing this denial and they hope to hear from her region sometime in the next days/weeks. I feel that our agency is reviewing the past year+ of our case, so that they can be prepared if we are NOT granted the match in the end... Please pray that God's will be done - we don't know what His plans are, but we know His plans are BEST. I have begun mentally preparing myself if this is indeed, the end of our journey to Rose. She will ALWAYS be the daughter in my heart. I will always love her.he 

We do appreciate your prayers. They have given me SO much strength and peace with this situation in the past few days. The outpouring of love and prayers has been a lifesaver. 

I promise to keep you updated - as soon as I am updated.

I do feel somewhat sure that this is NOT the end of our story.

We were approved at the national level, so we are allowed to adopt from C*... so, if we cannot adopt Rose, perhaps God has another plan. 

Reminds me of the song by Rascal Flatts, God Bless the Broken Road.