Wednesday, October 23, 2013


 I was able to get the paperwork completed, notarized and apostilled and sent off to C@l@mbia in just a matter of days. That alone is nothing short of a miracle. I am so thankful for your prayers. I know they were valuable for all matters in this process.

Yesterday, we had our final skype with the person who interviewed us. She went over a few details of the case and then didn't hesitate to give us her answer...


Thank you God!

She explained that her findings had to jump from desk to desk in the next few days/weeks. Eventually, her report/our appeal will make it back to the region.

This makes me VERY nervous.

However... we were told that we shouldn't worry.

So last night we spent time just being HAPPY. We were happy for good news - something that is few and far between in this case.

And last night I slept the entire night for the first time in a LONG time.

So we don't know what happens next, but we do know that we did the BEST we could do for our girlie.

THANK YOU AGAIN for your many prayers and good thoughts and words. It means so much to all of us.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I Think I Can!!!

We have completed the interview process! That was one of the most stressful things either of us have had to endure EVER. Nearly 6 total hours of discussion and questions. Our second day went MUCH more smooth after explaining to our interviewer that we are pursuing a specific child that we have CHOSEN. Whose file we requested and studied. Who we felt was our DAUGHTER.

We made sure to refer to her and our case when answering the questions. We tried to lessen the hypothetical questions that were being presented by referring to her file and showing them her photo.

This urgency we showed seemed to change the mood of the interview altogether. It went much better - more focused.

At the end of the time, the interviewer told us that she would want to skype again Monday afternoon so that she can go over her notes and discuss her 'findings' with us.

Between now and then, I must complete some paperwork and get it to our agency, so that they can send it on to her country. (Email, thank goodness.)

Praying for peace and for the heart of our interviewer. Please God, help her to see the love we have in our hearts for this darling girl.

We appreciate ALL your prayers and concerns.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Overall Feelings

Paul and I were exhausted after our 3 hours of questioning. We were asked questions that only professionals should know the answers to. We were told that tomorrow the questions would be more difficult and we would be asked things separately. 

We don't feel very good about this. It's as if we have been convicted of a crime and we have no attorney. 

Thank you for your prayers!

Mid interview check-in

Going ok! A few interesting moments, but other than that - Good!

Keep praying!

Please pray

Today at 2 PM Paul and I will be in contact with the officials regarding our case via a Skype interview. As you can imagine I am extremely nervous. Please say a prayer for us so that we can stay calm and answer their questions to the best of our ability.

Monday, October 14, 2013


We are facing more questions now by a new group of peoplu - regarding our medications, mental health and financial stability. For those of you who know us... Yes, we are simply mind-blown. If I am correct in my count, this is the 5th time we have been asked to provide answers regarding these very same topics. 
When we received the news of more questions, our immediate thoughts were to QUIT. I wanted to throw in the towel and run as fast as I could. 
I called our agency rep and asked her HOW I could possibly come up with new information for the very same questions??? Even our doctors have said that there isn't much more to say about our health. They have stated multiple times that our medication and health have NO IMPACT on our parenting abilities. What more could we say? Our rep was quick to list off a few things that they might want to hear. However, our doctors cannot write letters to simply appease the what ifs. 
This is so bizarre. 
And the financial questions?? Whatever. 
And they want us to have 3 skype interviews with them next week. What in the world do you say in three interviews??? Nervous. 
So I am torn. 
Do I put on my big girl pants and do this work? Go from person to person requesting more of the same? Sit at the computer and put on a smile for these interviews, trying not to cry over the stress and sadness of it all? 
I am so confused. 
I get it. Adoption is HARD. I want to cry out to God, have mercy!!! I am so over this process!!! 
Then, the face of a child rushes into my head. A child who waits. A child who would have to wait for another family to endure this insanity. And I ask myself if I can muster the strength to go at this again. And part of me says yes. My 7 yr old cries asking if Rose will ever get to come home to live with us. And when I hear him and see him, I want to fight. What if it was him? In a home, without a family. Would I fight? YES! 
In my heart, though, I know they can still ultimately say no. "It's the nature of international adoption" says my rep. 

Well, when I signed up for this, I had NO IDEA about the craziness I was going to go through. I cannot put my life on hold anymore for this country. I might muster the strength to endure. But it won't be pretty. I'm going to have to work really hard not to be an ugly person to be around. The stress makes me crazy. Paul Vincent asks "are you stressed out, Mommy?" Oh yes, dear child. Yes. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Still nothing

No news. Feeling a bit sad and very frustrated today. It's getting pretty painful. I appreciate your prayers.