Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good News!

Our home study was approved by Rose's listing agency on Monday!!! Now, I wait for a copy to send off with our next set of paperwork to get US government approval to adopt from a Hague country. Once that goes out all we need to do is gather the other paperwork for our dossier. More doctors assessments, fingerprints, etc etc etc! But, now that we have been approved by her agency, we have a green light to get this done! Then it will be up to her country to approve us. Nervous? Yes.


  1. Praying for you all! So excited! Do you mind if I make a rosary for her as a welcome-home gift? (I've been learning how to make bead rosaries this summer - currently working on one for my future son-in-law).

  2. Planning on putting St. Therese in the centerpiece - and using some rose-shaped beads. Just tell her it's from her "Aunt Kathryn". :)