Monday, December 17, 2012


I am not on twitter much (manly post, but rarely check to read responses), but this morning I ventured on. I was sad to see post responding to my tweets from NO ONE else, but family. Family responding to my posts on our adoption...not with love and support, but with anger and "embarrassment". It's hard to know what to do from here. Do I delete/hide my blogs, twitter, facebook? 

I KNOW I am over-reacting. 

It hurts when the people you would reach out to in times of pain (holidays without a child at home) feel like people you want to avoid. It makes me want to hide and take my husband up on his offer to move. 

My heart hurts today. 

It's nearly been a year since we lost our "Natalia' and now I am sitting here missing my Rose.

I am SO blessed. I know. No one owes me ANYTHING. My friends that have supported me are a true GIFT FROM GOD. 

Thanks to you who love and support us. 


  1. Katie,I am so very sorry to hear that. I have some family members (cousins) that are less than supportive of a good Catholic/Christian lifestyle( 2 have converted to UU) and they make silly and inappropriate comments. Family should always be there and supportive especially with human life, your daughter, your love. Know that we all support you and wish she was here with you right now, cuddling with her mama. Hugs friend.

  2. Im not on twitter either....but all I can say is IGNORE them. Yes it hurts because their family....half our family did the same thing...especially for adoption of child number 2 and then 3 and 4! God has a plan and we KNOW it! HUGS to you and I hope you can find comfort in knowing the ray of sunshine at the end of this journey will be WELL WORTH IT!

  3. Im not on twitter but I know the pain of your loss... (rip Paige Elisabeth 1/05). I also know how psinful it is to have an unsupportive family... we did move away and it has helped set boundaries but can still be painful but I've learned to limit contact and we are much more happy and more positive and uplifted that wsy...(((hugs)). Mom2Cait&Ben

  4. You don't know me but I have been praying over Rose and your family for almost a year! Roses sweet smile and eyes caught my heart and never let go. I was so thrilled to see you found her and I love that you have a blog so I can follow along in her journey. Ignore those hurtful comments you reecieved, I know this is easier said then done. You have so many people rooting for you and and praying for your family and Rose.

  5. So sorry that you are experiencing that from your family. I know that hurts. I'm not on twitter either - I'd say dump that and their negative comments - focus on your immediate family, bring your little Theresa Rose home, and surround yourself with the supportive family and friends that you do have. God is bringing you Rose for a purpose and you know already that you can love a child that isn't biologically yours just as much as your own (think of Joseph and the Holy Family). Much love and prayers!

  6. Hi Katie!! So happy to see all the pics of your precious Rose. So sorry I dropped the ball on staying connected! We have some good news and I will share with you as soon as I am able! Kristi Henderson from GA (but see you in PCB!