Friday, July 12, 2013

Loving This Life

I'm trying to be patient with things. As you can imagine, it's not always easy. I cannot WAIT to kiss that face.

However, God is SO good. He has made an oasis in the desert of waiting. We have all been soaking up every moment of this summer vacation. My boys are so wonderful, such treasures. My husband is a blessing.

God has also made a way to help prepare us for the day when we welcome our daughter.

We have a vacation spot where we see the same group of people each summer. In fact, after counting the years gone by, we have known some of these families for roughly 17 years! One particular family, the Henderson's, has the same passion that I do... hearts for the orphan.

Their most recent adoption was completed just 2 months ago. I was so excited to be here when they introduced their daughter to the wonder and beauty of the beach - the sand, the waves, the wildlife. She's a spunky little one that's full of life and love. She's quick to share a toy or play a game. She's learned to swim right before my eyes - a child that had never even been in a BATHTUB before coming home. No floaties for this girl! And another awesome event... Her speech! She's talking up a storm. Her vocabulary is growing each and every day. She understands just about everything you say and (just like any child) is becoming selective on what she 'hears' too! My boys have really been enjoying her, too. We smile big smiles seeing how cute she is and how much she is learning. Paul Vincent is getting a taste of what having a little sister will be like. Christopher has a new playmate. It's just another way God is knitting this story together so beautifully. She has given this time a new meaning for us, during the wait. Paul, who sometimes has many worries about the future, has been calmed by seeing how well she is doing, after leaving her foster mother. Rose will be leaving a foster mother, as well. It hurts our hearts to know the pain that she will suffer and the fear that she will most definitely have - but to know that the pain will subside with the love of a family... It's just wonderful to know.

In other news...
I recently signed up to be a sponsor for a little one at New Day Foster Home, named Sally. It's exciting to know that I can help a little one in China. I have been recently feeling a lot of pull towards China, so this works out perfectly.

I PROMISE that I will update as soon as I hear anything about Rose. I check my email by the minute! I recently send an email to ask if they could find out if she has been baptized. I would love to be able to celebrate this sacrament with my little girl! Wouldn't that be incredible?!

Anyway... that's all for now. Back to enjoying my kiddos and this fabulous summer!


  1. Even if she has been baptized (Maggie was in the orphanage), Father Bob will do a "dedicated ceremony" and repeat all the beautiful baptismal promises, give god parents, etc. - basically eveything but the pouring of the water. So either way you are good!!

  2. "dedication ceremony" - sorry!!