Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bonding Thoughts

I know that some of you are probably pros at bonding with your new little ones...but I am new at this, so I think about it quite often. We have a king-sized bed, so it's fairly easy for our kiddos (age 3 & 6) to come into our bed at night after bad dreams, etc... But wrapping my head around the possibility of an extra child (4 years old) in our bed, made things a bit more interesting. I just came up with an idea! We have a crib that is converted to the toddler option. Won't this make an EXCELLENT co-sleeper? It can be pushed up, next to our bed! Just like any other co-sleeper, but large enough for a toddler! Yippee! Any other help with bonding is GREATLY appreciated! I have our EllaRoo Mei Tai Hip washed and ready, as well as our Ergo. I know that at 4 years, she could be too big, however I have a hunch that she and Christopher are going to be VERY close in size. Also, I am a stroller addict. If you know of a great option for our trip, let me know. I have a Baby Jogger City Mini that I will most likely take, but I am always up for ideas on something that will be more practical or easier to travel with.

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