Thursday, February 7, 2013


What a wild ride the past few weeks have been! We were so ready to get our official acceptance and referral for our darling girl. I guess it never crossed my mind that we would have to complete an addendum! This addendum was a request for more information from our homestudy agency regarding two things. I cannot put into works the anxiety I felt regarding this somewhat 'simple' task! Thank God for our homestudy agency (specifically Anne) who took control and was able to get it done, with very little help from me! What a relief to have someone fighting for us! Yesterday was a particularly difficult day for me. However, my worrying was uncalled for... because our addendum is in the FINAL stages and now just needs to be apostilled (certified) and sent to C*l*mbia for translation! Woot!!!

What next, you may ask?

PRAY for speedy translation and ACCEPTANCE and REFERRAL!!!

I am *thinking* that this should be a relatively quick step, since they only needed to have these two questions answered. But...hahaha...I have learned that this is normally NOT the case.

Hoping that I will have another update SOON.

Thank you for your prayers and petitions to God. He is in control and His timing is PERFECT!

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