Tuesday, February 26, 2013


You know... Lent is one of my new favorite times of the year. A time to reflect. A time to make difficult changes. A time for becoming stronger.

As a child, I could remember thinking Lent was awful. No meat?! Fasting?!

Yesterday I am sure my kids felt that way when I put my foot down and stopped their constant whining for snacks at 4pm and stated... "It is 4pm. For the next hour, you two are going to fast from all food. No one is allowed to ask for anything until after 5pm." And by golly it WORKED!!! Ha! I'll have to try that again.

Anyway. I get off topic.

So, this Lent, we wait. We wait to meet our little girl. We try our best and fast from the temptation of making this about US and OUR timing/wants/needs/etc. And boy is it hard. Just a few moments ago I went on a little tantrum. A little fit about how things aren't going "my way". I am sure God's sitting by me saying... "It's February 26th. If you can just wait you will get exactly what you need, in my timing."

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