Sunday, April 28, 2013

This week....

This week we should be getting news from Rose's country. We have been told that there is a letter on its way to our agency. After translation, we should know more about our next step in this journey. I am so grateful that we will be getting some sort of news - whether it be good or bad. The adoption 'limbo' is so difficult. We have so many plans for our future, but not knowing this next step makes panning impossible for this mommy. I need to have some sense of security when planning. Paul wants to make some pretty big changes in our near future - he's very content and secure in knowing that God has our best interests in mind. I pray that I will be given this gift. It's something I need to be reminded of daily right now.

I am so hopeful that this week will bring POSITIVE news.

God's will be done!

**If you happen to read this today (Sunday), set your DVR to watch...Anthony Bourdain in Colombia!!!


  1. Oh Katie, I am praying with you. Hoping that if you have to do another written response that it goes quickly and that this is the very last piece of your puzzle before approval. :) Ami