Monday, April 1, 2013

Birthday Party

Since we couldn't celebrate with Rose yesterday, I decided to spend her 'birthday money' blessing families who are raising funds for their adoptions. 15 families got a teeny-tiny bump in their FSPs. It was the perfect way to celebrate her day and Easter, all at once!

I am researching mission work in Colombia.

If anyone has any information, please let me know. Extra points for Catholic based programs ;)



  1. Lifeline Children's Services had a program called "(un)adopted" that they operated in several countries (including in Colombia) that you might be interested in!

  2. Katie,
    My college roommate's parents are missionaries, and her family lived in Colombia for 8 years, from when my roommate Leah was age 6 to age 14. I spoke with her today and told her your story and that I was going to give you her email address so you could contact her directly about mission work in Colombia. She still has contacts there and can give you information based on the city Rose is in, etc.

    Her email is, and she will be looking out for a message from you.

    Love, Anne Knox