Friday, June 14, 2013

A Wonderful Distraction

School is out for summer. My boys have been a wonderful distraction in this time of waiting. We spent two glorious weeks at the beach - and I soaked up every minute watching them playing and having fun. I am trying to keep a happy balance of keeping them busy and letting them relax. We're planning future adventures for the weeks to come - maybe more time on the shore?

Paul and I celebrate our tenth year of marriage next month, so we have entered the stage of planning what to do. Maybe a party? Maybe a trip? Maybe I will pull my gown out of the closet and stuff myself back into it???

So as you can tell, we are still waiting to hear from the ICBF regarding our second addendum. From what we have been told, it's sitting on the desk of the caseworker, waiting to be reviewed. I send a weekly email to our agency, asking for an update. I know that they would contact us if they had any news. For some reason though, I look forward to my Monday email to them. It helps mark the time that has passed. Each Monday I can say - another week down, only ___ more to go.

Now, some photos to enjoy!

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