Sunday, September 1, 2013

Feeling, well... rejected.

This past week we didn't get any new information regarding our case. I have, however, come to the realization that we were denied our match with Rose. Our agency is appealing this denial and they hope to hear from her region sometime in the next days/weeks. I feel that our agency is reviewing the past year+ of our case, so that they can be prepared if we are NOT granted the match in the end... Please pray that God's will be done - we don't know what His plans are, but we know His plans are BEST. I have begun mentally preparing myself if this is indeed, the end of our journey to Rose. She will ALWAYS be the daughter in my heart. I will always love her.he 

We do appreciate your prayers. They have given me SO much strength and peace with this situation in the past few days. The outpouring of love and prayers has been a lifesaver. 

I promise to keep you updated - as soon as I am updated.

I do feel somewhat sure that this is NOT the end of our story.

We were approved at the national level, so we are allowed to adopt from C*... so, if we cannot adopt Rose, perhaps God has another plan. 

Reminds me of the song by Rascal Flatts, God Bless the Broken Road.


  1. Katie, God Bless the Broken Road, is mine and Jode's wedding song. God indeed does have yours and her best interest at heart. You know you have our prayers. Love, Jode and Kelley

  2. Oh Katie - I do wish that I could be there with you at this time to pray with you - and cry with you, if need be. Sending much love and hugs, Kat