Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying Goodbye to 2013...

... and HELLO to 2014!!

My Facebook Status today,
"On this New Year's Eve, I pray that each one of you gets closer to exactly where God intended you to be! Happy 2014! God Bless You!" 

I know that God has provided the grace to get through this past year of waiting. When I have stomped my feet and shaken my fists, He has quickly centered my attention back on what is most important - my husband, my boys and that darling little girl, waiting for a mommy to call her own. 

I am certain that God has a great plan in 2014. He will move mountains. He will make straight the path. 

He is already on the move. Just yesterday, two HUGE things happened. 

Sevenly made a pledge to help families waiting to travel. WHAT?! Yes. We are one of the families that will be blessed by their campaign. This is so incredible. We are facing our homestudy update, possibly having to completely re-do our I800a (we might not make the renewal deadline) and HOPEFULLY our I800, Visa applications and maybe (MAYBE) travel?!?! So, this help is certainly needed. We have certainly gone WAY over the "typical" (haha there is no typical in international adoption) costs, since we have had two addendums and the appeal process. 

The next blessing was something that would have knocked me down, if I wasn't already laying in my bed! Someone donated to our FSP. And when I say donated, I mean BLEW IT UP AND NEARLY DOUBLED IT. I was blown away. Paul and I were thrilled that someone had discerned helping a family and PICKED US and OUR LITTLE GIRL. What a pick-me-up! I never realized how much motivation this would give me! I am PUMPED up and so EXCITED for this new year full of excitement and life-changes to come!

BRING IT ON 2014!!!

Thank you! God Bless!

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