Friday, January 24, 2014

Why all this waiting?

I have found myself becoming extremely frustrated with all of this waiting. Yesterday I hit a bit of a wall. I emailed our agency and pitched a little fit. She quickly called me to help calm the growing storm.

I found out that there have been several position changes in major offices. That explains a lot. It doesn't make it easier, but gives a bit of a reason why we have been sitting for THREE months waiting on a reply on our appeal. Every time a new person sits down at a desk with our paperwork on it, the whole process pretty much STARTS OVER. So... now that someone new is involved, that could mean several more weeks of waiting. Extremely frustrating, but understandable.

I also put two and two together and realized that there is NO way that we will be able to spend her 6th birthday with her. That really rocks my boat. She's turning SIX YEARS OLD and I should have been with her since she turned five. That bites.

Right now I am just praying that we get approval by then, so that she can know she has a mommy that loves her and so that I can send her a little something to celebrate.

Speaking of birthdays, it's nearly that time of the year around here... Birthday season. Mine is in March, then Rose, then Paul Vincent, then Christopher, and finally Paul. My big boy will turn 8 years old. My sweet little guy isn't so little and he will be 5. AND I just registered him for 5K, in the big school, where he will wear a uniform. A UNIFORM! He will be the only 5K kid in size 3T pants. LOL. Just the thought of this makes me cry.

My baby will be in big boy school wearing big boy clothing... UG.


Please pray for us. Pray for my sanity. And pray that Rose's guardian angel continues to keep her safe while she waits for her forever family.

Thank you.


  1. Praying for you and your entire family - particularly that Theresa Rose comes home quickly.