Monday, February 10, 2014

It's a really good day.

Today we were made aware that the documents have been received and the appeal was successful. The national level has revoked the region's denial of our match with Rose.

I have to tell you a very awesome story that goes along with this.

On January 23rd, I was having a very rough day. We had been waiting SO long and I was definitely feeling like all hope was lost. I felt abandoned, depressed and stuck in a hold pattern. I reached out to my fellow adoption mommies and told them that I really considered throwing in the towel. I wrote our agency an email (probably pitching a mini-fit) and got a phone call from her soon after. She calmed my fears, told me that we are not only fighting for our daughter, but for all of the other children with special needs in her country. I felt SO much better and asked God for the the strength to carry on.

On January 23rd, in her country, they made their final decision.

While I was feeling this great turmoil, God was moving mountains.


We now wait for the official referral. We know it could take a few weeks to get this information, but it works out well, since we have some things to get together here to complete our home study update and re-do our I800a.

It's a wonderful day. I cannot wait to tell my boys who have been waiting so long for this news. They cannot wait to meet their sister!


  1. You have been a MOST PATIENT Mommy!!! I have been reading your blog for over one year now and I was getting I can't imagine how you and your family must have felt. WOO!! HOO!! This is great news. Praying for speedyk, rest of the process.

  2. Super, Fantastic, have been so very patient! So happy for your family. We share in your JOY! Will keep praying! Kristi and family