Tuesday, January 6, 2015

HAPPY 2015!!!

A new year! A new outlook! No more fear and stress over adoption! Woohoo! For 2 years we played the game of international adoption and I am SO glad that we can start fresh with a new year and our new (and improved) family!

I can honestly say that after 6 months with Rose and 5 months home as a family - life is good! It has definitely taken that time to 'mesh' together. Some days with three kids are tough, but most are great. Overall, the kids love each other and are nice more than they are at each other's throats. Ha!

The holiday season was absolutely beautiful - from Thanksgiving to Christmas. We have all loved watching Rose discover the wonders of the season with a family. We went to see Christmas lights, spent a lot of time with family (cousins galore), talked about Baby Jesus' birthday and we are still enjoying our gifts. We spent New Year at the beach... and the boys ended up suffering through some illness that was VERY much like the flu.

Rose started 'school' this week. She will be doing an ABA program and after two days under her belt, I think that she LOVES it. I love the 2 hours that I get to myself and she gets a bit of a schedule. We will be adding in some time at our local elementary school in a few weeks. I love being able to start her a little at a time. It's just what she needs - no way either one of us was ready for 7 hours, 5 days a week!

Here are a few photos (the best part, I know)...


  1. So wonderful to get your update! We have checked in on you and missed seeing and hearing how you all are doing! It is so hard to find time to blog when "meshing" together as a new family! I understand! It will get better and easier my friend... every day! We continue to improve even after Amy almost 2 years home. Love, love the pictures! What a beautiful family! Hugs and Blessings! Kristi

    1. Kristi! I miss you! Thank you for checking in. We have a LOT to catch up on! Hoping to see you down in PCB soon!!!