Friday, May 29, 2015

Photo Dump!

Spring Break 2015

Dance Picture Day


Winter Family Trip

Daddy and his babies

Time to open presents

At Brother's Bowling Party - April

War Eagle

Kid's Night At Church

Rose's Baptism - Mother's Day 2015

Paul Vincent's First Communion - May 2015

Beautiful Day for a Baptism

Pretty Girl Ready to Open Gifts - March 2015

Dance friends

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Cute Curly Girl

Dance Recital Day - May 2015

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  1. I love the pictures! So wonderful to see Rose with her forever family, being loved and cared for so well. Such a beautiful family. We missed spending some time with you all. My mom sold her condo a bit unexpectedly and quickly so we will not be able to come back down this summer. The people next to us sold their condo and then were interested in my mom's. She did not even have it up for sell, but as the opportunity came along, we do feel like this was the right thing for her to do. The trip has gotten a bit long for her and my parents are not able to use the condo like they used to. All of that being said, we will miss our summers there terribly. Even more, we will miss you our dear friends that we have gotten to see there. It has been such a pleasure to know you and your family, to watch your precious boys grow, and now adding Rose.....makes me cry missing you all, already. We will have to connect when we come to Panama City and stay somewhere else, or if you all or ever in Atlanta let us know! And stay in touch through blogs, emails, and instagram! Love and hugs to you all!