Friday, March 1, 2013

Virtual Birthday Party

Our little girl turns five this month. In honor of her 5th birthday I would love to throw her a virtual birthday party. Although, this party will be a little different. Instead of purchasing a gift for our beautiful girl, please feel free to go to Amazon and find something you would love to buy her and DONATE the price of the item to her FSP. The link is on the right side of this page. By donating, you are helping fund our travel and in-country fees.

We are sad that we cannot spend her birthday with her, but we are thrilled at the thought that it could be any day when we receive our official approval! Please keep all involved in this process in your prayers - our agency, her social worker, the ICBF officials and especially our sweet one!

Please feel free to comment below, letting us know what gift you "purchased" for Rose. We appreciate all you have done, and continue to do, to make this dream a reality!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! Praying for your family! I KNOW the wait is hard. What a wonderful idea.