Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, My Sweet Girl


My sweet girl. You have waited for 5 years for a mommy and daddy. When we committed to be your family last May, I never dreamed that we wouldn't spend your birthday loving on you. I thought for sure that you would be home and we would have a grand celebration, in your honor.

I never imagined that we wouldn't yet even be approved and have our referral. I cannot believe it.

I am so sorry.

I wish I could have completed paperwork faster. I wish that our dossier would have been completely perfect, so that we would not have needed an addendum.

I do know though, that God has PERFECT timing. It's not my pretty picture that I have in my mind, but a much more beautiful plan.

Today I will think of you often, sweet Rose. Mommy loves you and I cannot wait to see you.


  1. Happy birthday sweet Rose! So many people already love you and we can't wait to meet you! And Katie, you are so right . . . the waiting is HORRIBLE and I never wish to do that part again, but God's timing is perfect - for you and for Rose.

  2. Happy Birthday to our sweet Theresa Rose! This is also my little Emilia's first birthday-as we celebrate today we will pray for you and your wonderful mommy, Katie, and your family who awaits you!