Thursday, June 5, 2014

Recent Thoughts

God has certainly been protecting me from some thoughts in the past two years. Because recently, they have been flooding in! I attribute this to knowing that she was moved to the 'school' from her foster home (which breaks my heart).

One major realization has come from comparing Rose and C. Her life in the past 6 months and his life in the past 6 months.


She was just a sick little peanut when she was taken in by her foster mother. Just 3 months old and teenie tiny. Just about like this:
C at just a few weeks old

This foster mother took time to dress her so cute and love on her. She provided the love and nurturing to help her grow and progress. She baked cakes and celebrated birthdays. We have proof - photos from her celebrations throughout her 5 years with her. Much like this: 

C's birthday celebrations...1st, 2nd and 3rd
Then, most likely the government organization that looks over children in the foster system decided she needed more care than her foster mom could give. The decided to take her out of her home and move her to a government-run 'school' for children with special needs. Look at C's face. Imagine what it would be like for that darling, precious child to be taken from everything he knows and put into an institution. No more goodnight kisses, midnight snuggles or dried tears. Does anyone answer her cries? Does anyone show comfort when she is sad? Or lonely? Or hurting? 

I hope you can 'hear' the urgency I feel. I am so grateful that God protected me from these realizations. These thoughts would have driven me mad if I had known where she was all these months. 

Everytime I snuggle with my buddy, I think about that gorgeous little girl who waits for her forever family. I am not even sure if she knows that we are coming. It's killing me. I am so glad that this process is winding down now and that in just a few short weeks our beautiful girl won't have to be alone any more! 

Praise God!

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  1. Finally, finally, finally! The mountains are being moved!