Monday, June 30, 2014


We have been here less than two weeks.

In this period of time, we are having our second "vacation" day today. In the US, most of our church feast days are celebrated on Sundays. Not here.

Today is the feast of Saints Peter and Paul.

So - today is a holiday. No news of court today with the holiday. So, we look forward to tomorrow. Pray, pray, pray for a wonderful court and judge!

The weather is overcast, so we shall see what we end up doing. Most likely this means another trip across the street to the mall. I need a few pairs of shorts for the coast. I am very nervous about making girlie wait while I try on clothes, so I hope that it is a fairly simple task.

Perhaps we can bribe her with some ice cream. She's definitely a fan of ice cream!

Tomorrow, we take our first flight with her. It's only an hour, so I think we will be fine. Pray that she does well and doesn't get too scared. We have been talking all about airplanes, so we are hoping that our ease with things will help he know that all is well.

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