Tuesday, April 1, 2014


There are many 'little' things that add up to make big things in the adoption world. One little thing is the biometrics appointment. You get an appointment to an office - an office you can barely even tell is there - for electronic fingerprints. It's quiet, clean and very orderly. It takes *maybe* 5 minutes. To a parent going through international adoption, that 5 minute appointment is HUGE. If you are lucky, your local office that might let you in a few days early. In our case, our appointment was scheduled at just the right time. We had been out of town for Spring Break and would not have been able to get in any earlier. Thanks be to God for the perfect appointment date!

After our appointment, I immediately sent an email to the USCIS office and let them know it was complete and I also asked if we had been assigned an officer. I got a quick email back and was told we do not have an officer, but to check back in as often as I wanted. I had to laugh. In my head I thought... Every two hours?? Ha. I will check tomorrow, but I am praying that we will get our officer today! Please pray with me!! The faster we get our officer, the faster we get approval.

Thank you!

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