Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Waiting for Our Officer

We are waiting for our USCIS officer. I check daily by email. Every day I get a speedy response of "no". Yesterday's email even told me to check back in at the END of next WEEK! No way!! I'm not going give you a break! You will know my name! You will memorize my SIM number! At night, when you sleep, you will see my email address. LOL!


  1. God Bless you! Know that you have people praying for you, your family and that sweet Rose of yours! I check your blog at least twice a day to see any news! ha, so I loved your post! :) Hang in there, very soon you will be holding that precious little girl in your arms!

  2. Praying for you all, Katie! Praying, Praying......Praying. Oh how we want to see that sweet girl on the beach with her forever family! We can not wait! She just has to get home soon. Kristi

  3. Love you Kristi. Thank you for 2+ years of talking with me about this saga!! You are a gift from God.