Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Heart Is Bursting!

Yesterday was a very, very busy day. I was running around like a crazy person getting ready for Paul Vincent's birthday celebration. He was having a school party (cookie cake) with his classmates around noon. Then, after school, I would be picking him up with three of his friends from school - movie, pizza and cake. I was in a frenzy of picking up party things and the cookie and such. As normal - I always would have a few thoughts of my daughter as I do my daily tasks. Typical daily stuff...

Then it happened.

I jumped in my car to get the boys from school.

I tapped my mailbox on my phone and tuned the radio and was on my way.

As I made my way, I glanced down at my phone. 

And I had to pull over. 

An email. Titled "Happy Easter". From our agency. I closed my eyes and prayed to God. I asked Him for His will to be done and to guide my ways with this coming information.

And I opened my eyes and read the email.

"Dear Katie and Paul,

Today our office in C*l*mbia received the referral of "Rose" made by the ICBF
region of B*g*tá.
The official referral includes all of the adoption documents for the child,
medical history and social background with a letter from ICBF.

The next steps with approximate time frames are..."

And I couldn't read any more. I was too excited. And I was crying. Boohoo tears. Mixed with "Thank you, Jesus!" and "Praise God!" I frantically tried to reach Paul. I couldn't! Who could I tell?? I couldn't share until Paul knew!! I was a mess. 

I dried my eyes and pulled back onto the road. I made it to the carpool line and managed to contain myself. I was slowly entering the next phase of receiving news of this matter... shock.

The boys got into the car and we made it back to the house - so that I could FINALLY tell Paul. We both shared our excitement, and a little disbelief, that after nearly TWO YEARS OF FIGHTING we will meet our daughter. 



  1. Praise God, our Provider!! I am soooo thrilled for you!! God is good!! YAY! Congratulations, Mama!!

  2. Praise God!! I am so happy for your family and "Rose". Can't wait to hear the rest of the journey!

  3. WE share in your JOY! Will continue to pray Rose home. BLessings!