Monday, May 5, 2014

Let's Move Some Mountains!

This week we are anxiously awaiting those lovely translations. I have been told (not really promised, but almost) that they should be here on Wednesday. Is it Wednesday yet?

As soon as... and I mean as soon as... they come, I will send our acceptance letter to our agency and fill out all the blanks on the I800 form. Then, I will go fast as possible to the FedEx to send that off to the USCIS.

The USCIS should receive them the next day and hopefully I will get my lovely lockbox email the following day. I love email notification. My only question is, why can't they provide that lovely service for all USCIS steps? It would be easier for the adoptive families and for the USCIS case workers that are forever answering the annoying status inquiry emails from adopting families. Anyway...

I have been told that recent USCIS timelines for the I800 vary from 2 weeks (WOW) to 4 weeks. We can pray for 2 and realize that it will likely be 4.



  1. Praying! I'm excited! Keep us updated!

  2. So very happy for you, yes, I also hope for 2 weeks!!

  3. So very exciting! We are praying! What Joy to see the last post pics of all the beautiful girly things for your beautiful daughter! What a blessing she will be to you and what a wonderful forever family she will have! We can't wait!!!!!!!!! Move mountains MOVE!