Tuesday, May 13, 2014

So Blessed

Our paperwork made it yesterday morning. It's a funny story, actually. I got a phone call from a random number, and decided to answer it - which was great. It was our MAIL CARRIER. He said he had a package for us and wanted to know it I wanted him to bring it or wait until our normal delivery.



 He came on over with it and within a minute, Paul and I were looking at a stack of her precious pictures. They are so sweet. I have a photo that looks like it must have been shortly after her heart surgery. She is on oxygen and has a nasal cannula. She looks about 3 months old. Tiny! I have a variety of infant and toddler photos. I have pictures from her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd birthdays! Each one shows her sitting with a large cake in front of her. I am unsure how recent my most recent photo of her is... maybe last fall? She was moved in October to another 'home' and I am thinking that all my pictures were at least that old.

However, I do have recent measurements. She is a peanut - just 38 inches and 35 pounds. She is nearly the exact same size as Christopher. That's really ironic, since I have always felt that they would be very similar in size. He is 40 inches and 30 pounds! It's perfect for what I am planning on taking with us. I had planned on taking 4ts. She might have difficulty keeping pants up, just like Christopher! I know that I usually have to stitch an inch or two in his waistbands. So, I am well-training in small sewing jobs. I'm planning on taking a travel sewing kit just for this purpose.

We immediately signed the acceptance letter and scanned it to our agency. I worked on the I-800 and it was overnighted to Texas last night. Typical timing for this document is 4 weeks, but it could go faster! I'll keep you posted.

My brain is mush now. I scheduled Christopher's 5th birthday party for the same night as a concert Paul and I have been planning on going to for months. Now I have to figure out what to do...

Adoption brain. Please pray I can remember the REALLY important things. LOL.

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