Monday, May 19, 2014

Ants in my Pants

I'm just so excited!

Our I-800 receipt date was May 13. Praying for a super fast approval - specifically by the end of the month.

It might actually happen.

Which might put our encuentro (meeting) date at late June or early July!

I am staying pretty busy - feels like nesting!

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  1. We are beside ourselves with excitement to meet sweet little Rose this summer! Wish I could tell you adoption brain would improve but I did some really crazy things as we prepared for our girls to come home! Just be kind to yourself and know you are not losing your mind.... you are just thinking about so many things at once, nesting and dreaming of that sweet girl joining your family! Not to mention all of the end of the school year kid stuff that takes place in May! All will be well dear friend! Hugs and prayers!