Friday, July 4, 2014

Simply Beautiful

It's amazing what a change of scenery can do! I had a feeling it would help... boy does it! This actually feels like a vacation. Cartagena is gorgeous. The weather is perfect. We have been enjoying the sights - churches, street vendors, shops and food. It's an entirely different kind of place. If you happen to be following this blog and are planning on adopting in C*lombia... go to Cartagena. Plan two weeks and make sure part of that time is spent in the Old Town, in the walled city. Super awesome. Happen to be Catholic?? Super SUPER awesome.

We have seen two beautiful churches - the Cathedral and the church of St. Peter Claver. Both awesome. Happened to walk in at about the same time mass was starting. Completely random and completely awesome. You can read up on the churches by doing a simple google search.

The hotel we are staying in has a pool on the roof. We have spent the majority of our time there. They serve excellent food, so there really isn't any reason to go anywhere. The views of the ocean and the city are spectacular. It's a pretty hot location and very near the equator, but the breeze off the ocean makes it very pleasant in the shade.

Here are a few fun pics.

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