Thursday, July 10, 2014

More on our sweet thing

Ok, so now that I have been here 3 weeks and my homesick days are getting a little less extreme, I'll tell you more about our incredible little person...

This kid is SMART! She really is very eager to learn English. She plays "peekaboo barn" on the iPad and can mimic each animal name fairly well. We have a "Priddy Book" with English and Spanish first words and it's excellent with helping her learn the basics. We still have a lot to learn, but I am so pleased with her effort.

We continue with a little Baby Signing Time and Baby Einstein here and there. She loves it.

She has learned that the pool is nice and it gets less scary each day. She is finally trusting that we won't let her drown and that there aren't big scary monsters in the water. She no longer has to wrap herself around daddy's neck while in the water, even if she really wants to...

She is now ultra afraid of bugs and creepy crawlies. We are working very hard to try and play it off like they won't hurt her and that they are no big deal. She doesn't believe it. She wouldn't go near the room door the other day, due to the 1 inch long baby lizard that crawled down the hallway. It was very difficult to convince her that I had put it outside in the plant. The gnats are ultra frightening. They are everywhere and the might, at any moment, cause extreme distress. Tears, screaming and the works.

Back to water talk. She had her first real bubble bath the other day. I'm glad we moved to bubbles after giving her a few days worth of baths to get used to first. She really enjoyed it. I taught her how to pick them up and blow them. Awesome fun.

Food - man she loves food. ALL types of food. If you can dip it into some sauce, then she REALLY likes it. And yes, we double dip.. and maybe triple dip. If you mix multiple dips together, that makes it taste even better. (Think ketchup, mayo and mustard.) Spicy? Even better! Get ready, Nana, cause this kid loves pasta - EVEN ravioli!

Really enjoying getting to know her! Have a great day! Pray for us!


  1. It looks beautiful there Katie! Your girl sounds like so much fun! Still praying you hear from the judge.

  2. All of us at DSA can't wait to meet her! Thinking about and Praying for all of you! Sue