Friday, July 18, 2014

More Thanks

The other day we got some not-so-good court news and we were feeling pretty ill about it. More paperwork delays. I was feeling those feelings of "we may never go home" and trying to find God's plan in this waiting. Paul and I talked through the struggle of the moment and got our minds back on the mission.

The following day, we were in the midst of another day of swimming in the pool and trying to find some joy in the current moment.

A couple was sitting near the pool, enjoying their vacation. They got up to enter the pool and asked for "Rose's" name. And then God walks right in...

After a few minutes of introduction, we came to learn that they were relatives of a "famous" owner of an adoption house that used to be in Bogota. It was actually a house that Paul and I discussed staying in, back when we started this process. However, sometime between now and then, the house closed. With adoptions slowing down, many of these type of hotels have had to close.

Meeting this couple was certainly a gift. Since meeting them, we have come into contact with some people who might be very helpful in the next few weeks. I was dreading heading back to Bogota without any end in sight. Now with this new contact, we might be able to actually have an enjoyable time.

So thank you, Natalia and Phil. We were so thrilled to meet you and talk to someone with such a rich background in the adoption community here! You are a gift to us - as was the yummy treat and the magazines you sent.

Thank you! God Bless!

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  1. oh was this Natalia the famous daughter of Betty? Beautiful person inside and out that Betty is! We so loved our stay there.. felt just like home. I pray you find a amazing place just like hers to stay at.-- Rita Andrews