Saturday, July 19, 2014


I admit. I'm struggling.

I don't feel good. My stomach hurts off and on all of the time. I am sad. I miss my boys, my home, our family. I don't understand this ridiculous process. I can't put together in my head why the court process hasn't started yet... when the court has had our case for two weeks. I don't understand while after a full MONTH of sitting around and waiting for jobs to be done, we still haven't even started the court process. WHY!?!?! Then, when he feels like it - the judge gets to say our ten days starts. WHY TEN DAYS AFTER LOOKING OVER PAPERWORK FOR TWO WEEKS??? I really don't get it. Why have time restrictions at all if you aren't going to even be required to use them? I keep hearing the words "unless there are delays" and it makes my mind SPIN.

I feel like a prisoner. I am terrified we will be here another month - or more.

My sweet Christopher starts Kindergarten on August 11th and I fear I will miss it. It's killing me.

Please pray for us. We need to know there is a light at the end... at this point, we have no idea when we will be going home.


  1. Katie, You know that you are constantly in my prayers. Thank you for voicing your needs and concerns so I know exactly how to pray for you. Satan is in your way - pray the St. Michael's prayer for protection daily. Much love to all of you!

  2. Thank you SO much. Your prayers are a gift.