Friday, July 11, 2014


Last night, Paul and I were having a case of "let's stay up way past normal and review the past 3 weeks in photos". So at midnight we enjoyed looking back and seeing how much our little treasure has changed. In three weeks, she has gone from a little animal (sorry, it's true) to a GORGEOUS little girl!

I really cannot explain how much she has changed.

Our first 24 hours together were filled with growling, spitting, hitting, etc... I knew she had great potential, even in those first few days of struggle. We quickly let her know that we were not llamas and we don't spit. Hands are used for soft/gentle touch. If we had something to say, we use our 'palabras' or we use a sign - no growling! It only took a few days to tackle those few things and GUESS WHAT... she no longer does ANY of those things. It's pretty much miraculous.

Now we have a beautiful little girl that it picking up English like a champ and is using signs as much as she can! It's really amazing. When I can finally show her face, you will see how much she has changed in a very short time. I believe she has gained 5 pounds and her little face is filled out and her cheeks are nice and round, as is her belly ;)

Her eczema has cleared up well and she only has the occasional spot here and there. We took out her earrings about 2 weeks ago, since her little holes were looking pretty rough and appeared to be torn where the earrings went. We can worry about pierced ears later on in life. Her hair is fuller and shinier. She pretty much giggles 95% of the day. Seriously, she VERY happy.

Her little pouting sessions have dramatically decreased. She never has really pitched a fit, but she does this 'statue' move where she stops in her tracks and refuses to move. She sometimes shouts some little 'profanities' of sorts (her own little language, but we can tell it's not pleasant LOL). We tell her no and redirect with tickles and hugs and kisses and usually it passes within a few moments.


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