Sunday, July 20, 2014


I ended up being pretty sick yesterday. I still felt pretty nasty today, but started my Cipro last night and after 4 doses I am getting back to normal. Unfortunately, Paul is feeling pretty rotten. It's just the worst feeling in the world - stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. We have one bathroom to share and it's not really private. The food here doesn't help. Most everything safe or good is fried. That doesn't bode well for sick stomachs. We have had to order Gatorade from room service.
Little girl is being SO good. I think she understands that we aren't well. It's the first time this whole trip we have stayed in our room all day. She's been stuck to the iPad or computer the past 48 hours. The manager here is wonderful. He has been doing all he can to help - even told us about their baby-sitting service. We managed to get through it without one, but I had my moments.
Paul has been SO strong these past (near) 5 weeks. Today he shed one tear while in the midst of some nausea and I know he's miserable. We are both so ready to go home. It's tearing us up.
We will have to reschedule our flight and hotel (again).

This just all kinda sucks, you guys.


  1. Katie, we hate it that you are both ill. We are still here in PCB and as we miss you all terribly as we note your place here all closed up...we think of you and pray for you throughout our day.Plus your sweet boys. What a summer for you all. Scott and I had some prayer time together for you and Paul this weekend as you all are so heavy on our hearts. Praying!!!!!!

    1. Katie that comment was me, Kristi.....I am using my mom's computer and having internet troubles.

    2. I love you guys! Thank you!

  2. Dear Katie, We are all praying so for you guys! Praying for healing, Rose's adjustment, completion of this process and for you to get safely home. We are thankful God knows your path. It has been such a long journey and we wait anxiously for you to be done and reunited with your boys at home!! Psalm 142 :1-3
    I cry out to the Lord with my voice; with my voice to the Lord I make my supplication. I pour out my complaint before Him; I declare before Him my trouble. When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then You knew my path.
    Psalm 142:5 I cried out to You, O Lord: I said, You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.
    Kristi and Scott

  3. Thank you so much. Each day is a day closer.