Sunday, July 6, 2014

Third Sunday

It's my third Sunday away from home and away from my boys.

To think we might be about half way through makes me both happy and sad. I can see that everything will be ok... but it is still very difficult to imagine 3-4 more weeks away from my babies.

I try to keep a running list of happy thoughts. If I can keep giving thanks to God for my gifts, it is hard to also be sad.

Happy Thoughts:

We are in a VERY nice hotel. I feel extremely safe here. The food is good. Too good.

Sweet girl is happy 95% of the time. We all have our moments and she does too, but rarely.

We move from the hotel to an apartment on Monday. It will be nice to have a bit more room to stretch out. I am typing on my computer while Paul sleeps right next to me. It's 10:26 am.

My boys have been at the lake this week. I am glad that they have had plenty of distractions, but I feel VERY guilty for not being there for them. I feel like I abandoned them. My sweet C barely looks at the camera when we facetime. I know it's his personality to be shy... but it kills me to not be able to kiss his sweet face and tell him how much I love him.

Oh my heart.

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  1. Praying for your days to pass quickly for you and your boys. So glad you all have good food and nice place to stay while you are there. What a sweet, sweet girly! We CAN NOT WAIT to see her and all her preciousness! And to see her with her precious family!!!!